Software Development Team Lead


  • Ankara, İstanbul, Gebze
  • 26.02.2021 - 31.05.2021 | 25.03.2021


    • BS. or MS degree in Computer Science or in Computer Engineering
    • Hands on experience in team management
    • Leadership and soft skill certificates are a plus
    • 8+ years hands on advanced coding experience in Java, Javascript/Typescript
    • 5+ years of experience in Relational Databases. (Oracle/Postgresql/MySQL/MariaDB)
    • 5+ years of experience in Spring Framework including Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA
    • 5+ years of experience in Frontend Development and third party visualization libraries (AngularTS, React, Leaflet, Openlayers, Echarts, HighCharts, YFiles, D3, Cytoscape)
    • 2+ years of experience in Microservice architecture, Docker and Spring Cloud
    • 1+ year of experience in CI/CD pipelining (Gitlab CI-CD/Jenkins/CircleCI) and branching strategies
    • Experience in OAuth2
    • Experience in building an asynchronous Event Driven System using Kafka or RabbitMQ
    • Experience in Apache Spark is a plus
    • Experience in Graph Databases like Tinkerpop, Neo4j, JanusGraph, NebulaGraph, TigerGraph, DGraph or SqlG is a plus
    • Experience in Citus Data (Postgresql extension) is a plus
    • Experience in Kubernetes, Docker Swarm or Mesos is a plus
    • Appreciation of test driven development
    • Deep knowledge in Linux systems, shell scripting,
    • Experience in code review and code quality tracking
    • Deep experience in Scrum
    • Fluency in written and spoken English (will be tested)
    • High communications skills and a good team player.
    • Great documentation skills.


    • Lead the development team 
    • Contribute to the design phase
    • Documentation
    • Develop backend codes to serve data to frontend
    • Develop frontend codes
    • Build and maintain the CI/CD pipelines of the project
    • Mentor junior level staff
    • Leading and assessing team members

    Expected Attitude

    • Satisfied only with a beautiful solution
    • Deliver workaround/persistent solutions to the problems
    • Generate and pursue innovative ideas about his/her daily activities pushes himself and also the team at each and every iteration to produce zero defects
    • Develop not only the expected, but also the untold for the sake of the user experience and comfort
    • Energetic and Self-Motivated