İş Geliştirme Stajyeri


  • Ankara
  • 05.12.2022 - 31.10.2027 | 18.09.2023

    Business Development Internship at FileMap

    FileMap is a San Francisco-based software startup.

    At FileMap, we are building an advanced visual file manager and collaboration

    tool to accelerate design, innovation, and education processes in creative fields

    such as architecture, engineering, and industrial design.

    We are looking for business development interns to join our team. If you would

    like to work with us, please email your application to yy@filemap.info.


    You will be responsible for the following:

    - understanding who we are, our vision, what kind of problems we are trying to

    solve, and the FileMap software.

    - finding new potential users.

    - contacting them through various digital tools or real-life events.

    - developing new relationships with architecture, design, engineering companies,

    and university departments.

    - leading or assisting presentations, workshops, conversations, and zoom

    meetings related to FileMap.

    - continuing relationships with existing contacts, listening to their feedback, feature

    requests, issues, and bug discoveries.

    - facilitating clear communication between users and the FileMap team.


    - Being a part of an ambitious international start-up, (San Francisco-Ankara).

    - Accelerating and improving the design, innovation, and education process for

    millions of people through FileMap.

    - Working closely with critically acclaimed architects, designers, innovators, and


    - Modern company culture, professional workflows, and team collaboration.

    - This will be a paid Internship.


    - Excellent interpersonal and relationship-building skills.

    - Written and verbal communication skills.

    - High emotional intelligence.

    - Willingness to listen, learn and take initiative.

    - Ability to understand people’s issues/needs.

    - Fluency in English and Turkish.

    How to apply

    • Please email us your transcript, CV/resume at yy@filemap.info.
    • Add an unlisted youtube video link with your introduction.