FileMap Senior Engineer


  • Ankara
  • 31.08.2022 - 30.09.2028 | 22.02.2024

    FileMap is a San Francisco-based software startup.

    At FileMap, we are building an advanced visual file manager and collaboration

    tool to accelerate design, innovation, and education processes in creative fields

    such as architecture, engineering, and industrial design.

    We are looking for a software developer to join our team. If you would like to

    work with us, please email your application to

    We are looking for:

    A full-stack/desktop application developer.

    - Part-time if you are still studying, full-time if you have graduated


    You will be responsible for developing new features as well as fixing bugs in

    FileMap’s desktop application. You will also be contributing to the future of our

    software and the company with the FileMap team.


    - Being a part of an ambitious international startup, (San Francisco-Ankara).

    - Accelerating and improving the design, innovation, and education process for

    millions of people through building an innovative software.

    - Working closely with critically acclaimed architects, designers, innovators, and


    - Solving challenging engineering problems.

    - Competitive salary.

    - Stock options.

    - Modern company culture, professional workflows, and team collaboration.

    - Mostly remote and flexible working hours.

    Technical Qualifications

    - Familiarity with technologies such as Javascript/Typescript, Node.JS, Electron,


    - Familiarity with real-time client-cloud architectures and Rest API technologies.

    - Basic understanding of file system operations, file sharing, and storage

    applications (Google Drive/Dropbox, Local File Servers, etc.)

    - Familiarity with version control systems such as Git.

    - Basic knowledge of how database systems work.

    Preferred Qualifications

    - Strong problem-solving, debugging, and troubleshooting skills.

    - Committed to quality, including security, compliance, and performance.

    - Cross-discipline and collaboration skills.

    - Ability to ramp up quickly on new technologies and adopt a solution from within

    the company or from the open-source community.

    - BS Degree in CS or related field.

    - High emotional intelligence.

    - Fluency in English.

    How to apply

    • Please email us your transcript, CV/resume/previous personal work at
    • Share an unlisted youtube video link, max 3min. Present one of your projects. Pick the best one.