Motion Designer

Crs Soft

  • İstanbul
  • 13.09.2021 - 30.10.2021 | 30.11.2021


    Job Description

    •  Collaborate with the Creative Manager to both maintain and enhance the visual style of motion and still graphics for videos and still images for Crs Soft brand awareness.
    •  Create and animate graphics based on the creative direction of the Creative Manager.
    •  Produce graphics for a variety of short and long-form projects for social media and print distribution.
    • Create, modify, customize and manage graphic packages, templates, and toolkits for social media. Execute visual effects such as compositing, motion tracking and rotoscoping.
    •  Stay up to date on current graphic design, motion graphic and animation trends 

    Required Skills

    •  University degree in a related field or relevant experience
    • Ability to carry out all design and branding studies that reflect the corporate culture,
    • Advanced skills in After Effects and Premiere as well as experience with Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D software.
    •  Must be able create visually strong pre-visualization elements like storyboards and style frames for communicating with the creative team.
    •  Knowledge of production graphics packages and Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.
    •  Conceptual thinking and generating creative ideas
    • Creating engaging videos with animated motion graphics

    Additional Requirements

    • Must submit a demo reel/ portfolio website that clearly demonstrates design and animation work

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    Tecrübeli ya da tecrübesiz adaylar

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    Üniversite(Mezun), Yüksek Lisans(Mezun)

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    İngilizce( Okuma : İyi, Yazma : İyi, Konuşma : İyi)

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    Sürekli / Tam zamanlı

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