Senior System/Devops Engineer


  • Ankara, İstanbul, Gebze
  • 26.02.2021 - 31.05.2021 | 25.03.2021


    ·       BS. or MS degree in Computer Science or in Computer Engineering

    ·       5+ years of experience in Linux Administration

    ·       1+ years of experience in Ansible

    ·       1+ years of experience in open source virtualization like KVM

    • Deep experience in designing and building CI/CD pipelines of projects (with Gitlab CI-CD, Jenkins or CircleCI vs.)
    • 2+ years of administration experience of at least one project which has distributed, scalable, high throughput nature, and microservice architecture(Kubernetes, Mesos or Docker Swarm)
    • 1+ years of administration experience in Big Data using at least one of the followings: Hadoop, Kudu, HBase, Solr, ElasticSearch, Citus, OrientDB
    • 1+ years of experience in administration of at least one of the following Data Engineering frameworks: MapReduce, Spark, Hive, Kafka Streams, Spring Cloud Data Flow, Storm, Spark Structured Streaming, Flink
    • 1+ years of experience in administration of Distributed Streaming Message Brokers like Kafka or RabbitMQ
    • Experience in Graph Database administration
    • Knowledge on administration of Object Storages like S3, Ceph, MinIO or other Distributed File Systems like HDFS, GlusterFS 
    • Deep experience in developing backup pipelines of servers
    • Experience in building network insfrastructure

    ·       Deep knowledge in Prometheus and Grafana or other Monitoring Tool for monitoring the infrastructure

    ·       Fluency in written and spoken English (will be tested)

    ·       High communications skills and a good team player.

    ·       Great documentation skills.

    ·       Ability to learn and support new systems and applications



    ·       Will be part of the infrastructure team

    ·       Documentation

    ·       Manage and support test and pre-prod environments

    ·       Spin up Vms and manage disk and network

    ·       Setup development, staging, test and production environments and install required components.

    ·       Working with developers to implement standardized builds and releases.

    ·       Implement infrastructure as code including automated creation, settings, and spin down.

    ·       Mentor junior level staff

    ·       Monitoring all the installed infrastructure and reporting periodically

    Expected Attitude


    ·       Satisfied only with a beautiful solution

    ·       Deliver workaround/persistent solutions to the problems

    ·       Generate and pursue innovative ideas about his/her daily activities pushes himself and also the team at each and every iteration to produce zero defects

    ·       Develop not only the expected, but also the untold for the sake of the user experience and comfort

    ·       Energetic and Self-Motivated