Onsite R&D Project Intern | Student


  • Ankara
  • 12.09.2021 - 31.01.2022 | 24.05.2022

    Onsite Internship • Ankara, Turkey

    Master | Bachelor Student on Computer Vision

    Preferebly a student on 'Computer Engineering Field'.


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    We welcome 1 Intern to our team on 3 dimesion!

    I. AI Software Development

    II. Algorithm Improvement

    III. Edge Development

    This is Xena Vision, newborn and the startup on the fly!

    Place of inspiration & hardwork & expert union

    Who we are?

    Established @ODTU Teknokent with Tubitak Funding

    NVIDIA AI Inception Program Member Startup

    In this role you will:

    I. AI Software Development :

    Proven ability to quickly prototype in languages like C++, Python or Java;

    Proficiency with computer vision libraries like OpenCV;

    Multithread / multicore / gpu programming


    II. Algorithm Improvement :

    Motivated to work on computer vision: 3D reconstruction from images, image categorisation, people detection/recognition, action recognition

    Experience in TensorFlow and/or Caffe,


    III. Edge Development :

    Proven ability to quickly prototype cloud infrastructure, AWS in particular, SaaS API Development, web-based solutions.

    Edge prototyping and IoT integration, Dockerization

    Who are you?


    Student in Computer Science, Electrical or Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field

    Some experience in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and/or Artificial Intelligence techniques, 3D Computer Vision

    Excellent communication skills; innovative strategic and technical thinker; high energy; team player.

    Very good in English

    Some Preferred Qualifications:

    Desire on developing new research ideas and implementing research papers into working prototype systems.

    Eager to learn and like to be challenged.

    We are Havelsan Yıldız Startup Program Member

    We are presenting at Nvidia GTC 2020 as AI Inception Startup

    We are part of Hype Global Sports Acceleation Program

    We will be exibiting at Aviation Festival Asia, Singapor

    We are part of Türk Telekom Pilot Acceleration Program

    We are part of Take off Startup Summit

    We are in 50 innovatiove startups in Blue Tulip Awards